Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Shining Beacon

It was very dark evening as I left a friend's house late one night. He lived out in the wilderness boonies of southeast Idaho. I'll be the first to admit it - I'm a little directionally challenged. I've ended up in many places I've never intended to be so many times I stopped telling myself I was lost. I was only enjoying a surprise improptu adventure!

Even before leaving my friend's driveway, I looked around to gather my bearings and glanced towards town and saw the dot of light from the Rexburg Temple. I only lived a minute's drive away from the temple and I thought to myself, "That's the direction I need to go. I felt pretty confident in myself as I pulled out onto the road towards home and made my first turn towards town. Or so I thought.

After driving for about fifteen minutes I was pretty sure I should have been home by then. Or at least seeing some gas stations. Instead I was driving aimlessly in the river bottoms area. I realized I was completely lost. I had no idea where I was. My phone, therefore my gps, had lost service. I was alone, it was late, and I was a little scared. I wondered how I could have gotten so off course! I continued to drive around and make turns, continually watching for the light of the temple through the trees. I had become so lost that I didn't have the slightest idea of which way the temple, my light and destination, had gone.

As I drove around I realized when I had made my mistake. I had taken my sights off of the temple right after leaving my friend's house. The road I thought was fairly straight curved more than I thought and so the very first turn I made took me the opposite way I needed to be heading.

I finally glimpsed the temple through a break in the trees. What a relief! I quickly turned around and started going back towards town. As I drove, I kept my sights on the temple and I mentally kept it's location in check when I couldn't see it. As I constantly kept myself aware of the temple I made it back safely back home in no time.

What a metaphor for life! We are all away from our home, trying to find our way back to our Father in Heaven who loves us. We need directions. We can't make it back on our own. That's the truth of it. We may think we know where we are going and we are moving and going somewhere. But where? Are we getting closer to God? Or wandering around?

Because of our loving and merciful Heavenly Father, we have been given a light to constantly shine to guide us back into the presence of our Father - The Light and Life of the World - our savior and redeemer Jesus Christ.

"Behold I am the light; I have set an example for you." 

His example and his teachings light the path that return to him.  He has given us many ways to glimpse home as we wander through our wilderness of light: His word, as in The Book of Mormon and The Holy Bible. The teachings of his servants the prophets. Even ourselves, as simple as we are, have been given the opportunity to shine for each other as we follow Christ and reflect his light.

"Therefore, hold up your light that it may shine unto the world. Behold, I am the light which ye shall hold up."

I know that our Savior lives, loves us, and is leading us home. As long as we are willing to seek Him.

Shine on. Shine so that others may know Him through you!


  1. Love this! And so true. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thanks for sharing, very true words. Love you.

  3. You're amazing. Thanks for the reminder of the important things in life.